Consistent income with long term option trades.

Followup on our CCL Jan 19, 2024 $12.50 Calls

We picked up the CCL240119C12.50 Calls on 11/26/21 for $9.50

These Carnival Corp options have 742 days until expiration.  As you can see in the option chart, there is still a decent size gap to fill where it traded as high as $17 back in September.  Even though we could sell with profits today–due to us still having a lot of time, I’m targeting somewhere in the $14-$15 range before I consider selling.  Giving us a potential 47-58% return.  I will reevaluate once we hit the target if it is best to keep holding or sell.  A big factor will be how much time we still have left.  Either way, a sell alert will be sent out.