Consistent income with long term option trades.


Closing out the month of December, we took our first loss since May 12th.  Overall the month of December was a busy time for buying and less so for selling–10 new calls to be exact, and only sold 3 options this month, which is our lowest average for the year.  Are there calls we are holding that we could sell this month or today and make a profit?  Sure–But I want to continue our winning strategy and maximize our gains by closing our open positions later next year as these calls we are holding have 77 days till expiration all the way up to 749 days till expiration.  December was the lowest performing month of the year, but will overall be used to feed us profits into the months ahead in 2022.

We are currently holding 21 open positions going into the new year, which I will continue to provide updates on and alerts when to exit.

We’ve all earned anywhere between $112,624 – $563,121 in 2021 depending on your investment level of $1k-$5k per trade.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!