Consistent income with long term option trades.


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We are Easy Trade of Southwest Florida.

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Our Team

David Drabik


Dave is a retired US Coast Guard officer with over 30 years of trade expertise. He is the founder of Easy Trade of Southwest Florida and authors trades for MarketDaddy, Options-Intelligence, and One Day Wonder Options.

Mark Jacyszyn


Mark is a professional trader and investment professional of 20 years. He teamed up with EasyTrade in 2021 and worked with a small client list to hone Options-Income to perfection.

Cody Turner, MBA


Cody joined the Easy Trade team in 2000. He manages customer relations, marketing, and leads business development for the company.

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What We Offer

Consistent income with long term option trades.

Options-Income is the very first longer term options trading service from Easy Trade of Southwest Florida. We created this service to give self-directed options traders an opportunity to generate long term wealth  by utilizing our experience and expertise.

Profitable Trades

Our option picks are consistently outperforming the market at a staggering rate.

Low Risk

We focus on longer term option trades including Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS).

Real Time Buy & Sell Alerts

Paid members receive real time buy alerts via SMS and email.

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Our Additional Services

Our very first service providing up to 50% returns trading low/moderate risk monthly and weekly options.

Our second trading service with up to 100% return trading moderate/high risk weekly options each Friday.

What To Expect

Expect long term profit, not a get rich quick service.

You Can Expect

Consistent Winners

Most of our trades will yield a positive return.

Consistent Returns

Most winning trades will provide you with ample opportunity to profit.

Long Term Profit

Our strategy provides the opportunity to generate wealth through trading over time.

Buy Alerts

Paid members will receive actionable buy alerts via SMS and email.

Sell Alerts

Paid members will receive notifications for when we exit positions.


Great customer service from a team of professionals
who want to see you succeed.

Do Not Expect

A win each trade

Most, but not all, of our trades are winners.

200%+ Returns

Our trades can produce triple digit returns, however, 50% – 100% is far more consistent.

Instant wealth

Our strategy is best for traders who are looking to generate wealth over time, not overnight.

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Who We Are For

Best for self-directed options traders with minimal trading experience.

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What You Need


Basic knowledge of
option terms

You should understand what options are and be familiar with:

  • Market, Limit, and Stop Orders
  • Calls and Puts
  • Strike Price
  • Expiration Date


“Level Two” Options
Trading Approval

You must have “Level Two” options trading approval to buy and sell our option alerts. This is not the level required to write or “sell-to-open” calls and puts.


A Small Portfolio You
Can Trade with

Many members start with between $5000 and $10000 in funds they can use for our option trades. You can use any trading broker that will allow you to trade options and provides real time option pricing.

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