Consistent income with long term option trades.

Who We Are For

all option traders

Perfect for beginners and experts alike

Beginners Will Like:

Simple, Easy Trades

Buy and sell alerts for simple call/put options with time to execute.

Calls & puts only

No complicated setups or orders, ever

Buy-to-open & sell-to-close

No “writing” or sell-to-open options.

simple option trades only

No complex setups or multi-leg spreads.

One Directional Trades

Hedging with other investments optional.

Easy-to-read alerts

Know What to Buy With:

Underlying stock

option Direction

Expiration Date

Strike Price

ask Price

Sell Alerts

time to execute

trade confidently

buy Trades up to


Minutes after we
publish a trade

Option ask pricing will remain near the price of our alert.

Trades profitable

0 +

weeks after
we post

Options will typically gradually appreciate over time.

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Experts Will Like:






Manage risk by averaging out of positions. Combine trades with stocks to increase profits or hedge.

averaging Positions

Sell Positions Over Time

Most positions will gradually grow in value over time. This gives experts the ability to sell positions as the option appreciates, thus reducing risk.

Trade with Stocks

Increase Profits OR Hedge

Pair trades with a long or short stock position to either increase profitability or hedge out risk.




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