Consistent income with long term option trades.


Closing out the month of February, we only exited one position.  There was a lot of overall market volatility this month with war news and rising interest rates.  These newer dips gave us some opportunities to enter 8 new calls to take advantage of.

We are currently holding 38 open positions as of March 4th.  Our oldest trade is the Ford calls from when we purchased them on September 10, 2021 for $2.15 and currently hit a high of $5.40 today up 151%.  The most recent trade is the AMD calls we purchased today.  They closed the day up 9%.

We’ve all gained anywhere between $778 – $3,889 this month, depending on your investment level of $1k-$5k per trade.

In addition to our typical long-term options plays, we also entered into some shorter-term options to capitalize on quicker gains.

Cheers to a profitable March!