Consistent income with long term option trades.


Closing out the month of November, we’ve continued our winning strategy by closing 7 of our open positions, while still taking no losses in a trade since May 12th.  November outperformed the month of March, but was overall less than the other months in the year.  We’ve all earned anywhere between $4,202 and $21,011 in October depending on your investment level of $1k-$5k per trade.

Here is a rundown of the 17 options we’re still holding:


F220617C12 = While these have already gone up 300%, I am choosing not to sell yet because we still have 194 days left till these expire and the market still loves Ford’s new innovation with their conversion to all electric vehicles including the super popular Lightning truck rolling out of production next year. I also see millions of dollars being poured into Ford calls on a continuous basis even when the market indexes sell off hard.  When the market moves down 200pts and Ford barely drops– that’s a very good sign.


T220617C30 = AT&T has dropped a lot since purchasing these, but in the past week a lot of calls and stock has been bought up.  We have until June until next year so we’ll examine if we get out at a break even point or hold to see if momentum keeps up and lets these rise into higher profits.


DIS240119C240 = These Disney options have 775 days before they expire.  They grew their subscriber base, but at a slower pace than what ‘the street’ expected.  Also some movies got pushed out to a later release date, and their parks are still under a lot of covid restrictions. Once Spiderman releases at Christmas and more marvel movies release next year, and new episodes of their hit series hit Disney+ again, we should see Disney being a media darling once again.


VIAC220318C42.5 = Viacom stock rides high really fast whenever there is talk of buyout. Management said they held off selling the company this summer because they wanted to review and field further bids from more companies before the end of the year.  Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and Universal/Discovery are all super hungry for content and we will know in the next month or so if any are going to buy the company.  If no one does than this may end up a loss to some extent, but I’m willing to wait until Jan to decide to keep or cut bait.


T220121C28 = Since these expire mid January these are running out of time to make money. Currently down 80% this may be our first loss we will have to take since May. However I’m seeing a lot of positive activity in AT&T right now both with option and stock purchases so I’m willing to see what the next 2 weeks bring us so the loss may be mitigated somewhat.


Z230120C80 = We have 411 days until expiration and I’m super excited about these Zillow calls.  The company lost a lot of share value after they stated they lost $380 million in their house flipping venture.  But the market punished them with multiple billions (with a B!) selloff as if they lost 5 years worth of value in days.  This is such an over-reaction for a company that is synonymous with real-estate that as soon as the financial headlines get tired of bashing the company the stock will rise again like a phoenix. They already said they recouped a lot from their homes they sold and have so much profit from it that they’re buying back their own stock at these ridiculously low levels.  I predict a big winner with these options.


DIS230120C160 = 411 days remaining. I already talked about why I’m holding long term Disney calls.


TWTR230120C47 = 411 days remain.  New management.  New goals.  A beaten down stock that should rise over the next year.


DIS230120C180 = 411 days remain.  I love buying Disney on dips and Disney always wins with market share.  No issues holding these.


KHC230120C35 = 411 days remain. Kraft has dropped to almost its yearly low.  I prefer buying options of companies that temporarily represent their lowest lows.  They lose 80% of their value in a week due to overreactions, but we don’t buy 1-2 month options because we cannot time the ascension… it could be 3 months out or 5 months… that’s why I’ve found 1yr + out work best.


AAPL230120C160 = 411 days remain.  New phones come out each year with a fervor, talk of new car, new great line of M chips — Apple rises and falls over the year, but mostly rises year after year.  Comfortable holding.


CCL240119C12.5 = 775 days remain.  Carnival got beat down from first wave of Covid and began to rise this past year.  Recent omicron variant and countries shutting down made the stock fall again, but long term the cruise lines will sail again and this stock will rise.  These options should be up huge in the coming years.


VIAC230120C30 = 411 days remain.  Spoke about this company before.   Gives us over a year for Viacom to be bought out.


WMT220617C140 = 194 days remain.  Walmart recently posted good earnings report and positive forward guidance.  Stock price took a hit because they refused to raise prices due to inflation onto the customer.  Walmart price keeps hitting it’s 3 month low point of the year 5 times so far and bounces up each time.


MQ230120C20 = 411 days remain.  Over the past year Marqeta has dropped in price since its IPO in June.  However it seems to hitting a solid level of demand/support around the current price.


CHWY230120C80 = 411 days remain.  With the market recently dropping and Chewy hitting its year low, this became a very good target to go long in for an expectation of a recovery.


PLTR230120C20 = 411 days left. Again I love buying good companies that have taken a beating by releasing really good earnings reports and positive future expectations. Palantir should recover nicely over the next year.